Old Ranch Houses in the 80s

Remember those older homes built in the 80s? I remember thinking that when our ranch home was built in the 1980’s that we were rich but if you take a look at those homes now, they are so small in ¬†comparison to the “small” homes of today. I’m not sure if it is the new […]

This Blog will explore

This blog is meant to explore the 1980.s and possibly the early 90s.¬† Truth be told we sit around and listen o 80s rap all day so we could be waiting for our cars to get out of the auto body shop and not give a care as to whether or not it ever gets […]

RETRO 80’s!

Here we are at the retro 80’s site trying to see how tings were in the 80’s Hang tight while I set it all up and we dive into memory land! It’s taken a little while but we are right on track to start sharing some great retro 80s stuff! Going back into music and […]