80s Fashion on the Comeback

Like every other era, there are a number of 80s clothing items that are finding their way back into mainstream fashion. I am not sure if they ever left. Back in the day, men wore fedoras, caps, and felt hats. You even saw one in the 1986 film, “Pretty in Pink,” worn by no other than Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer. Look around today. You see those same hats on men, even young men. You even see women wearing these same hats and caps as well.

Back to the 80s fashion comback. As you know, I am a lover of all things 80s. So, I thought what better way to honor my favorite era than to point out some of the fashion of the 1980s that you see today.


I’ll admit it. I love, love, love leggings. Always have and always will. I was definitely one of those who wore leggings under the long top (and still do!). This outfit could be worn everywhere from shopping, work, to on a date. My favorite way to wear my leggings and long top was with leather ankle boots. I was looking too cute…LOL!

Bright Colors

Remember neon colors? You have your bright, bright  blues, pinks, limes, and oranges. Well, if you have taken a look at gym shoes that are currently on the market, you will see that they are in the same bright neon colors and folks are loving them!

Every spring, you see bright colors, again, in dresses and tops. Since the 80s, there hasn’t been a year that bright orange or pink hasn’t been in the fashion industry. I know a lot of people didn’t particularly care for the neon, stating it was a little too much. But isn’t this what fashion is all about? There is no other way to represent fashion, 80s or otherwise, than to push the envelope.