80’s Headbands!

#4 Remember the 80’s headbands

Rockin’ the headband was a necessary fashion accessory in the 1980’s. Part of the leotard and leg warmer era of the 70’s fitness craze, the headband was a compliment to any outfit.

Originally used by both men and women to keep the hair back and keep the sweat from dripping down the face during a work-out, the headband soon became a fashion statement.

Sporting such iconic designs such as peace signs and tie-dye art in bold, bright neon colors, the headband became the ultimate companion to your mini-skirt, parachute pants, stirrup pants and oversized shirts. But wait! The hair, oh my goodness, the hair! Male or female, it did not matter, the bigger and/or longer, the better. We bleached, we crimped and we teased to make that hair as big and as full as possible. People like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Whitney Houston, Brett Michaels, Billy Idol, Boy George and Jon Bon Jovi helped lead us to realize that we had no limits when it came to our hair growing wild. But now back to the original topic of the headband!

With all of this hair, now growing bigger and bigger, the headband became an integral accessory, depending on the hairstyle. The headbands could be worn in the hair to complement the style or on the forehead to complete the ensemble.

The type of material did not matter, it could be elastic, silk, denim or whatever else you wanted to tie, roll or sew. If you ran with the cool crowd, you definitely sported a cool headband.