Back Aches

If you are an 80s child you know what hard labor is like.

It’s likely that you were outside, you had to rake leaves and mow the lawn.

Not like today’s kids.

Today kids stay inside and play video games.

We had to go to the arcade if we wanted to do that, but never before chores.

What else is different?

It seems that every kid around here gets trophies just for participating.

In the 80’s you had to bust your ass just to get one and you didn’t always make the team

In the 80’s, music was about sex but it was more discrete.

Love seemed better in the 80’s too.

Or maybe it was the same and we just see too much of the drama on TV these days.

Dr. Phil was around but he didn’t take up prime time with pill addicted mothers.

Pill addicted mothers stayed home in the 80s.

Now they share their struggles on facebook and people support them.

Candle light vigils use to be just for Christmas Eve mass.

Now a days it’s for anyone that dies….even the ones who got shot for dealing drugs.

Why have we changed so much?

Does it matter?

We waste so much too.

Think about all the water bottles that litter the Earth now compared to the 80s.

In the 80s, restaurants still smelled like cigarette smoke.

If you asked for the non-smoking section, you’d be lucky if there was a half wall partition to separate you from someone else’s stinky ashes.

Today, you’re lucky if you see anyone smoking.

Except now…people suck on those funny looking penis long vapor cigarettes.

If you haven’t seen it yet, just wait.

It’s ridiculous.

People sucking up chemicals.


In the 80’s we didn’t care about nutrition. ┬áThen the 90s came and green awareness and nutritional caring chiropractors in ritzy areas started selling healthy supplements.

And here we are!

LIving past the 80s’ wondering what the crap happened to our simple Dirty Dancing lives.