Old Ranch Houses in the 80s

Remember those older homes built in the 80s?

I remember thinking that when our ranch home was built in the 1980’s that we were rich but if you take a look at those homes now, they are so small in ┬ácomparison to the “small” homes of today.

I’m not sure if it is the new affordable option to go larger or if people just can’t stand being that close to one another.

The open plan concept wasn’t really an option for the 1980’s home and the large majority of homes that I remember were much darker because there were a lot less windows.

Less windows makes sense because you end up saving money on energy in both seasons if you even have seasons and the less windows you have, the less of a chance of air getting in and out of your home.

But…having less light can take a toll on your mental health as it has been proven time and again that sunlight, which helps us produce Vitamin D, is like the Happy element on earth.

Without sunlight, our bodies do not produce as much Vitamin D and in turn negatively affects the happy hormones in our body that keep us light on our feet and overall in a healthier mental state.

There is a reason that people from warmer and more sunny locations are more laid back and enjoying life (seemingly) more.

It’s not just because they live in the Caribbean but it is also due to the fact that they get more rays of sunlight than we do up north.

If you build a ranch home today you will find that you have so many more options than just a living room, kitchen and rooms.

Today’s home builders offer things like extra attic space that is finished, finished basements, family rooms up front, open floor plans that connect the dining area, kitchen and living room. ┬áMorning rooms for a place to sit in the morning and sunrooms galore.

There are so many options in today’s world that you would probably scare a 1980s person if you were to go back in time.

As a matter of a fact, they would probably believe that someone in 2015 was incredibly wealthy compared to what they were buying in the 1980s.

Today’s world builds excessively, spends excessively and uses a lot more resources than in the 1980s.

It will be interesting to see where the next 10 years take us and how today’s homes compare to the 2025 homes of the future.

Will they be more similar to a 1980’s home with less windows to conserve more energy or will they all be made out of glass!

WE shall see!