This Blog will explore

This blog is meant to explore the 1980.s and possibly the early 90s.  Truth be told we sit around and listen o 80s rap all day so we could be waiting for our cars to get out of the auto body shop and not give a care as to whether or not it ever gets done because we love the 80s so much.

The 80s?

The first thing that comes to my mind (nope…not weed)  is cocaine and limousines.  Isn’t the 80s when cocaine was a big craze?

I remember sitting at a party and then getting up to go to the bathroom and on my way out George, my partner, showed me the dresser was covered in white stuff.

I’m guessing it was cocaine…so I kind of freaked out.  For me, seeing that stuff makes me think that the cops will show up within seconds or that there will be a huge gunfight.


Because that’s what the TV shows us.

I don’t mind having that fear because I really don’t think cocaine is something that will make me rich.  I actually know a couple of roofers in Largo , Florida that think the same way I do.  I guess roofers have some drug problems if you don’t go with a reputable roofing guy.  Who knew?

As I sit here and watch Captain America, I wonder if it was from the 80s too!  Who knows!

Big Hair, Metal Bands and daisy dukes…..I’m not sure I remember much about the 80s…which is why we are here!